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Nothing’s hurt

Nothing’s hurt


Its attack on titan! not attack of titan!!! damn how can I correct all the tag!!!!! OTL

I called people silly, dumb, stupid, pabo, ihateyou when I like them..



greenquicksilver replied to your post:

hey and who you call an ahjumma? i am not that old… i am old a little bit!

oh maaann, you are online, sheeets~ lalalalalala

Kid leader learning Thai language

SNSD watched American Pie

Tagged by panny-mushroom by forced

1-Do u like video games?

Love. can’t wait for gta5

2-What do you think happened to the dinosaurs?

Erm idk actually, because history sometimes is fake. But I do think they are actually become smaller due to time moving and mutation. Even human become smaller . Im so bad at explain this in english so i will stop here 

3-Black or white chocolate?


4-Do you like reading?

depends. keke


LIKE *thumbs up*. now snk



Too many. Taengsic my no1. T____T tho its hurt


7-Dogs or cats?

Lol, cats 

8-Burger or pizza?

Pizza or burger

9-Taeny or Yulsic?

Urgh!!! taenysicyul

10-Best singer?

Kim Taeyeon Jessica Jung

11-Worst singer?


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